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Petitefleur Productions is committed to sponsoring local, national and international dancers and teachers. In turn providing education and inspiration to those in pursuit of the Middle Eastern dance form in San Antonio, Texas.

Petite Fleur Productions Presents - Issam Houshan & Amar Gamal

October 11, 2014 @ The Josephine Theater - 7:30PM

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Middle-Eastern drumming sensation Issam Houshan

The union of music and movement is the essence of dance. The union of a musician and a dancer to create a seamless artistic expression of oneness between the two is the ultimate manifestation of such a union. Issam Houshan is one of the rarest of talents as that is exactly what he does, Call him the Wassan Pharaoun, King Of The Drum, or Mr. Magic Fingers and you only tell the half of it. It's his connection to the dancer that is the essence of his magic. It is a merging of egos serving a mutual and identical goal that few musicians ever master fully. Issam is now recognized as the ultimate master of this art. In the BDSS Issam has become a mentor, partner, and inspiration giving selflessly to the good of the troupe as a whole.

Issam was born in Syria and emigrated to the U.S. 24 years ago. He had formal music training in the Damascus Academy of Music and went on to drum for a host of Arab music stars and famous bellydancers. He is also the only remaining disciple of the legendary Arab drum master Mahmood Salahadeen. In the U.S. he performed with Sting on the Grammy's and with the BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS in over879 shows in 20 countries. Issam's background, training and experience have made him in huge demand for drum tutorials and workshops. He does these both on his own and in conjunction with bellydance instructors especiallyJillina,Sonia,Amar Gamal,Bozenka,Aziza,Rachel Brice,Sharon Kihara,Kami Little,Zoe Jacks,..and more.

Issam is featured in the film American Bellydancer, Solos From Monte Carlo, Bellydance Superstars, 30 Days To Vegas, Behind The Shimmy,Introduction to the Middle Eastern Rhythms,Tribal Drum solo Choreography with Zoe and partners with Sonia on The Art Of The Drum Solo instructional DVD. His CD releases include his own Tabel Ya Issam with Jillina, Wassan Pharaoun, The Dancing Drum Vol. 1,2 &3 and Chemistry of the drum, Mystery Of Rhythm, Damascus Belly Dance Orchestra and percussion on the Galactic Caravan albums.

World-Renowned Middle-Eastern dancer Amar Gamal

The stunning elegance of Amar Gamal is unmatched. Her grace stems from a mixture of pure artistry, strong technique, well-rounded dance training, and her Cuban upbringing. Amar’s elegant and unique style has made her a sought after performer, choreographer and instructor worldwide. She has had the privilege to be an invited guest teacher and performer all over Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

Amar was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the United States as a small child. Her childhood was spent largely in Miami where she continued to embrace her Cuban heritage. This upbringing had a strong influence in her dynamic dance style adding a natural spice of “Latiness”, which delights her fans all over the world.

Amar’s dance training began at the age of 13 at Miami’s Mideastern Dance Exchange under the legendary Tamalyn Dallal. Soon after, Amar attended the reputable New World School of the Arts High School in Miami, FL; where she was the first and only student to audition with bellydance and get accepted into their dance program. There she pursued her well-rounded, intensive dance training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Tap and Afro-Cuban dances.

Amar was one of the lead dancers for Tamalyn’s “Mid Eastern Dance Exchange Company” and Jihan’s “The Jamal Dancers”. Under their direction Amar was fortunate to perform in many educational, cultural and commercial projects. She also had the honor to be Tamalyn’s dance partner for many years as they traveled to Haiti, Bahamas, Costa Rica and all over the US.

Over the years Amar has had the privilege to have studied with many extraordinary teachers including Antolino Alvarez, Jihan Jamal, Elena Garcia, Yousry Sharif, Elsa Bello and Maria Jammal.

In 1998 Amar and her dance partners Kaeshi Chai and Jenna Co-founded Bellyqueen a New York based bellydance company. From 2006-2009 Bellyqueen toured the US, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. In 2002, while performing a 6-month contract in Aladdin’s Dessert Passage in Las Vegas, NV Amar competed and won first place in Bellydance Break Beats Competition headed by Miles Copeland. Inspired by performances by Amar and her fellow dancers Sonia and Ansuya the idea for Bellydance Superstars was born. Amar was one of the 6 chosen soloists for Bellydance Superstars (BDSS). Under their direction she toured all over the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. She was featured in various American, Italian, French and Spanish television programs including Regis and Kelly and Jimmy Kimmel Live. With BDSS She also opened for the band Audioslave and shared the same stage as Jane’s Addiction, Incubus and Jurassic 5. In their 6th month contract in Monaco the company performed for Prince Albert of Monaco.

Amar is the double crown winner of Ms. America and Ms. World of the bellydance San Francisco, CA; winner of Bellydance Break Beats Competition Los Angeles, CA; First runner up Ms. Egypt competition Cairo, Egypt. She is certified in Dancing through Pregnancy and Zumba Basics; She has a Bachelors of Science Degree and Associates Degree in Psychology.

Amar continues to perform and teach all over the world. She teaches regular on-going bellydance classes, enjoys taking Zumba and yoga; and drinking her all time favorite hot soy chai lattes. Her favorite season is Fall, which is why she chooses Massachusetts as her home base. Here she lives with her husband, daughter and “doggie.”

They sent me the photos I have attached as promotional photos. I also attached two flyers i am using to promote their weekend. they flyers have all the info that I need up as well, like time, date and location for the show.

Biography in Dance

Leith comes to bellydancing from a background in elite level athletics. For twelve years she fenced both nationally and internationaly with her crowning glory being a team gold medal at the USFA 1992 Nationals in Women's Epee. She is also both state Champion in Texas as well as Maryland and the East Coast Circuit Champion in Women's Epee from 1991-94. She also did a brief stint in Modern Pentathlon from 94-95 placing third Nationally and 8th in the San Antonio March World Cup. Leith is currently teaching fencing at San Antonio College.

Married ten years ago to an avid hunter she needed something to keep her sane during hunting season. She tried belly dancing once and was hooked! She now dances all the time during all seasons! Leith received all her formative belly dance training with Karavan Sudio in San Antonio, TX. Starting a couple of years ago Leith starting studying and training with teachers across the United States. Most notably, Ansuya Rathor of Belly Dance Super Stars fame.

Petite Fleur Productions, Leith's production company is the outcome of that student/teacher relationship. When Leith hosted Ansuya at Jump Start Theater in the fall of 2010 Petite Fleur Productions was created as an artistic entity to host Ansuya in San Antonio. Leith is also helping to create the San Antonio Belly Dance Association. She looks forward to hosting more dancers, musicians, and teachers through her production company and in conjunction with the newly formed San Antonio Belly Dance Association.

She can be seen performing at restaurants, festivals, theaters, and special occasions both in San Antonio and across the U.S. both solo and with her group The Bohemian Flowers

The Bohemian Flowers are proud to claim the title of Runner Up in the International Belly Dance Troupe Competition 2013 held in Ningbo, China sponsored by Belly Dance China.

Leith loves dance and only wishes she had come to it earlier in life. But better late than never!

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