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Petitefleur Productions is committed to sponsoring local, national and international dancers and teachers. In turn providing education and inspiration to those in pursuit of the Middle Eastern dance form in San Antonio, Texas.

Petite Fleur Productions Presents - Raquy

March 8, 2014 @ The Bonham - 8PM
Come listen to the amazing drumming talent of Raquy!

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Middle-Eastern drumming sensation Raquy is a drummer / multi-instrumentalist who brings hard rock energy to the mystical rhythms of the Middle East.

Raquy Danziger is a world renowned virtuoso on the dumbek (Middle-Eastern hand drum), expressing her love of Middle Eastern music with the inspiration she absorbed in her travels. Liron has had a rich background as an incredible, world-touring hard rock drummer. She has created a fresh new sound, bringing out the best of both genres.

Raquy switches between energetic drumming compositions and intoxicating melodic pieces. Utilizing a variety of unusual instruments including the Kemenche (an ancestor of the violin), Dumset (Middle Eastern drumset) and Mongolian Throat singing (see full instrument descriptions below), Raquy's huge sound and mind-blowing show leaves listeners transported, uplifted and full of joy.

Raquy has released Six CD's and has performed at Central Park SummerStage, LollaPalooza and PASIC, and collaborated with some of the biggest names in Middle-Eastern music, including Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Saiid El-Artist. She has also shared the stage with Mickey Hart.

Her music has received radio airplay (reaching the top 20 in the CMJ Radio Airplay chart) and has been licensed in movie soundtracks and dance performances worldwide.

Her show features several exotic instruments:

Dumbek - Raquy specializes in the dumbek, the Middle Eastern goblet drum. She has shared the stage with some of the greatest drummers in the Middle East. Her style combines techniques that she learned in various countries, but especially features the amazing new Turkish Split Hand Technique that she has been studying in Istanbul. In Raquy's original drumming compositions, the dumbek, usually used as accompaniment in ensemble pieces, becomes a shining solo instrument. Audiences are amazed by the speed, dexterity and finesse of Raquy's playing.

Kemenche Tarhu - Raquy's other instrument, the Kemenche Tarhu, is a haunting 12 stringed spiked fiddle designed after the Persian kemenche ( Raquy plays original compositions on the Kemenche, based on the Middle Eastern tonal modes, as well as a selection of favorite traditional tunes.

Biography in Dance

Leith comes to bellydancing from a background in elite level athletics. For twelve years she fenced both nationally and internationaly with her crowning glory being a team gold medal at the USFA 1992 Nationals in Women's Epee. She is also both state Champion in Texas as well as Maryland and the East Coast Circuit Champion in Women's Epee from 1991-94. She also did a brief stint in Modern Pentathlon from 94-95 placing third Nationally and 8th in the San Antonio March World Cup. Leith is currently teaching fencing at San Antonio College.

Married ten years ago to an avid hunter she needed something to keep her sane during hunting season. She tried belly dancing once and was hooked! She now dances all the time during all seasons! Leith received all her formative belly dance training with Karavan Sudio in San Antonio, TX. Starting a couple of years ago Leith starting studying and training with teachers across the United States. Most notably, Ansuya Rathor of Belly Dance Super Stars fame.

Petite Fleur Productions, Leith's production company is the outcome of that student/teacher relationship. When Leith hosted Ansuya at Jump Start Theater in the fall of 2010 Petite Fleur Productions was created as an artistic entity to host Ansuya in San Antonio. Leith is also helping to create the San Antonio Belly Dance Association. She looks forward to hosting more dancers, musicians, and teachers through her production company and in conjunction with the newly formed San Antonio Belly Dance Association.

She can be seen performing at restaurants, festivals, theaters, and special occasions both in San Antonio and across the U.S. both solo and with her group The Bohemian Flowers

The Bohemian Flowers are proud to claim the title of Runner Up in the International Belly Dance Troupe Competition 2013 held in Ningbo, China sponsored by Belly Dance China.

Leith loves dance and only wishes she had come to it earlier in life. But better late than never!

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